• Am I too old to wear that?
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    Lauren Dunlap
Am I too old to wear that?

I had a customer in the shop last week tell me that she read an article, which said that women should not wear shorts after age 30. Um, yeah. I’m calling bologna on that! I would call it something else, but I shall refrain.

Why should you NOT wear shorts after 30? Because according to someone our legs are not as smooth and tight as they were at 20? Or because after 30 we should cover ourselves to save the public from the fact that we are human?

I am a firm believer that you should wear what you want to wear as long as YOU are comfortable in it. I do not think you are too old to wear anything as long as it is worn tastefully. Now, will we see the mature woman (or any age for that matter) wearing a “butt tickler”, meaning a skirt or shorts so short that her bum is hanging out the back? Of course we will. But I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about a pair of shorts that are comfortable – I don’t think I need to define that. So what if you have a few veins on your legs. If you live anywhere in a warmer climate, you will beg for a pair of shorts.

And it is not simply shorts that I hear about. Here at Black Petticoat, we have clothes for all walks of life. We believe any woman should be able to find and wear clothes to express her inner and outer beauty. When someone stops in, and her first comment is, “these clothes are too young for me” and she is probably no more than 50? That makes me a little sad, because I have to wonder if somewhere along the line someone told her hey, you cannot wear shorts after 30. Seriously? I completely understand if you do not like my style, the clothes, etc. But bottom line? DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Don’t look longingly at a coat, try it on, fall in love with it, and then say I guess it is too young for me. A coat?! I am referring to our lace overlay coat we had in the shop. It was a stunningly feminine coat, something you could wear with jeans and heels or to the theatre. When did coats become tagged with age limits?!

Again, if you do not like certain types of clothing, that is OK by me. But if you actually like something, but you think others will wonder what you were thinking? Life is too short my fellow sisters – dress to express yourself. If you are happy with it, go for it!

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    Lauren Dunlap

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