About Us
Black Petticoat is a forward thinking fashion and equestrian clothing shop.  Lauren Dunlap, owner, left the practice of law almost entirely, took a leap of faith and opened the store, because wearing suits everyday was not enough.  There had to be a way to express her inner self and enjoy her daily "routine" so she eliminated routine entirely.  Former work in retail came to the front again.  Wearing jeans and t-shirts with stilettos, dressing for evening and everything in between.  Wear what you want to wear no matter how simple or eclectic.  Your clothing is your outward expression of you; maybe that day or maybe just that night, because everyone is multi-faceted.  
Lauren is a life long equestrian, which is why she also carries equestrian clothing for everyday wear and for the show ring. 
Why Black Petticoat?  The inspiration for the name, Black Petticoat, was derived from American History.  The Revolutionary War to be exact and America's first spy ring thus, the reversed "B".  One more facet to Lauren...