The Very Low Cut Dress - How to avoid an R rated situation

Many of us at one time or another have spied the perfect dress, and it shows off our figures exactly the way we want to look.  The only issue?  The low cut V neck.  You know that you will not be wearing a traditional bra with it because of the cut.  You have to come up with a solution, because after all, it is the perfect dress. 

The solution? Toupee tape.  Yep, that's correct.  I have personally danced the night away using it without one single R rated issue!  If your dress, for example, is a wrap, and you are exposed down to the area below your bust line?  Toupee tape. Place the tape far enough from the opening so that you can secure it in more than one place across your chest.  I have used two pieces on each side.  Then press the dress to the tape.  Make sure the placement of the tape does not change the way the dress hangs across your chest - buckles, etc.  If it does, try again.  Once you have it placed where you like it, you are ready for your night on the town!

You can find toupee tape at many beauty supply stores, online, of course, and at some hair salons.  If you give this a go, let Black Petticoat know how it worked.  We would love to hear your stories about the wonders of making the perfect dress ROCK!